If you’ve ever wanted to get into old motorcycles, but didn’t know where to start, the Viking Antique Motorcycle show is just what you've been looking for to get you going! 

If you’re looking for a complete bike for sale, the club displays always include bikes for sale.  If you want to start a new project, there's plenty of candidates in their outdoor swap meet.  Looking for hard to find parts?  You'll find them and stuff you didn't even know you needed.  But more importantly, at the show you can get hooked up with the people you need to make your old bike dreams come true.   You’ll get to meet mechanics from local shops that wrench on the old stuff and find out which shops can help you order parts.  There's tons of chances to learn tips and tricks from the experts:  Sit in on tech seminars and find out how to prepare a bike for painting.  Talk with the pros about how to choose the right bike to restore and learn what work you can do yourself and what you should consider handing off.  At panel discussions, you’ll hear from local bike builders about restoring old bikes as well as using vintage stock for special build customs, cafés, choppers and bobbers.  With plenty of experts and club member enthusiasts at the show, you’ll find what you need to finally get that old bike running again!


10:00 am Expert Panel discussion: Motorcycle Restoration
 - How to choose the right bike for you to restore?  What makes a restoration difficult or easy?  When to keep a bike original and when to do a complete restoration? What tools do I need to get started?  Question and answer period follows the panel discussion, with your chance to solve your motorycle restoration riddles!
12:00 Noon Expert Panel discussion: Paint mysteries revealed!
 - How should prepare a bike for painting?  What can you do yourself and when to ask for help?  How to find the correct paint for your restoration?  How can to learn to paint yourself?  Ask your questions to Bruce from Wizard Paint, Rowan from Customized Creations and Mark Tomlinson of Mark's 650 Yamahas.
1:00 pm How to survive the breakdown on the side of the road
 - The greatest part of owning an old bike is riding it! But sometimes that old iron leaves you on the side of the road. Don't let the fear of breakdowns hold you back from enjoying your old steed. Learn from the experts what tools to bring with, how to fix common breakdowns and how to prevent them from happening in the first place!