The name of this chapter shall be the


The purpose of the Viking Chapter shall be to seek out antique, post antique and special interest motorcycles and to promote the preservation and restoration of those motorcycles. The Viking Chapter shall abide by the rules and regulations of the AMCA.

All Viking Chapter members are required to be a member of the AMCA. Chapter membership shall include the member’s spouse

The Viking Chapter shall have a board consisting of eight officers elected from the membership for a period of two years. These officers are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and four Directors.

Two Officers and two Directors are to be elected each year to provide an “overlap” of service for continuity of direction. In addition, the board shall assign a Newsletter Editor, Web Master and a Deputy Judge who will serve as members of the board and have full voting rights as identical to other officers. In the event a Board Member cannot complete a term, the remaining Board Members will select a replacement to complete the term. A Chapter Officer who has two consecutive unexcused absences from Board of Directors meetings and/or does not fulfill the duties required of a board member may be removed from the Board by a majority vote of those present at the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

Dues of fifteen dollars shall be paid to finance the operation of the Chapter as a nonprofit organization. Spouse members are not required to pay dues. Dues are based on the calendar year. Members who join after the August general meeting will receive the rest of that first year included in their membership and will be considered paid up through the following calendar year.

Chapter Officers shall require approval of the general membership before making expenditures exceeding $500.00.

Regular meetings will be held on a monthly basis. The members will be notified of each meeting by the Chapter newsletter. Nominations of Officers and Directors will be held at the August meeting and Elections will be held at the September meeting.

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