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We are a local chapter of The Antique Motorcycle Club of America, which is a non-profit organization founded in 1954 by a few dedicated enthusiasts. The membership is now more than 10,000, which includes members in many countries throughout the world. Club membership has always been open to all interested persons, and most activities are designed so that families can enjoy them together. Any motorcycle, unrestored or restored, that is 35 years of age is considered eligible for judging at our National meet, but you do not need an older bike to join or ride with us. In fact, ownership of a motorcycle is not required to become a member. The display of older classic bikes is always encouraged regardless of age.

Our local Viking Chapter holds an AMCA National Meet at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds every June. We hold monthly member meetings and rides all summer, as well as monthly informal Garage Get-togethers at various members houses. In the fall we hold our annual outdoor swap meet, barbeque, ride to Sturgis, ride to Davenport IA, mystery ride, and a big pot luck Holiday Party in January. If you decide to join our Chapter, you will receive a quarterly newsletter which highlights the dates and places for these events.

In order to be a member of the local chapter, you must be a member of the National AMCA. By doing so you receive a national membership number and card and become eligible to participate in all national activities and receive the very fine magazine, "The Antique Motorcycle."

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